Feminism today

Is sorely lacking. I know, it's hard to come up with new and creative and inventive ways of re-interpreting the world. So, in lieu of making feminist proclamations, I will just encourage you to read Bitch, Ph.D., whose recent post on feminist boyfriending (and really you could just call this all-around good humanist attitudes, if you're leery of the feminist part or the boyfriend part) is charming and fun. Not rocket science. Or sex research science, or anything... Salon has an interesting article about why some women are balking at the deification of Obama by men, which I found compelling, since my suspicion of him has fallen along similar lines -- even as I'm ambivalent and not thrilled by Clinton, either. I am not promising that this is the most nuanced or sophisticated article, and it obviously tries to extrapolate about larger phenomena by making some logical leaps about the democratic race, but I thought it was worth reading and sharing.

I am having second thoughts about hosting this blog on blogger. I didn't do any technology homework and just found myself on blogger. Perhaps I ought to have used wordpress, it looks nicer. I will try not to be compulsive about my choices. Perhaps I ought to first refresh my html knowledge so that I can personalize this the way I like. I am awfully particular about the interface of technology.

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