Assorted photos

I've not been good about taking photos -- partly because it feels weird to photograph my informants, but also because it feels weird to photograph L.A.

Here are a few of Sunset Blvd. near my house -- my neighborhood is in the throes of gentrification, as one coffee shop goer discussed with me. The hipsters live in my neighborhood and the adjacent one, east of here, but there's lots of abandoned storefronts, as you can see here:
I took these as I was walking back from the car repair shop, on Thursday. There were no pedestrians out and (uncharacteristically) no cars, either.

[I used to be quite adept at HTML, but I've apparently forgotten how to code things so that they sit properly on the page. Apologies. I'm too lazy to re-learn it.]

In these photos, I had noticed that the lamp post flags advertising the Kara Walker exhibit were vaguely reminiscent of the Body Worlds' flags. These two poses, in particular:

Kind of hard to see the one on the right, but hopefully you get the idea.
There's something creepy about the fact that both of them use a similar pose, especially since Walker's work can be very intense and addresses issues of the objectified body, and the Body Worlds' exhibit is creepy and suspect and most likely will be intense and implicitly raising issues of the objectified body. (I am finally going to go see it, since I figure I ought to, for my work).

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