Moments of chagrin and remorse

I'm coming back. I miss writing. I miss thinking. I'm now misanthropic anthropologist, phd, and having grown weary of academia, I launched myself into the world of the private sector. It's been a month, and I mourn the loss of my old life all the time. I think I suffer from the grass-is-always-greener syndrome of being a malcontent. Paycheck=awesome. No free time and tedium=not awesome.

Lest my honed-skillz of writing atrophy while at a fairly unchallenging job, I think I need to re-visit this blog. I've been posting tons of links to facebook about sexual health and women's health developments, and I even got a piece published about the vaccine on a health-oriented website. But writing was so hard, and I realized I need to overcome this paralysis. And maybe need to figure out a long-term career that lets me be my curmudgeonly, cynical self, while impressing people with my insights. We'll see....for now, I'll enjoy the cash in the pocket, the student loans paid off, the ability to indulge in bourgeois bohemianism. And maybe it'll work itself out. At the very least, I'll finally have nice underwear and hot shoes.