Some serious regret

The more I think about it, the more nauseous I feel that I saw the Sex and the City film. There are a lot of reasons to feel this way, but there is a small storyline in which one of the characters refuses to eat anything in Mexico except pudding cups. Even though they are staying at the poshest resort. She accidentally opens her mouth in the shower, gets water in her mouth, and then develops a horrible case of diarrhea. And this prompts the other three women to laugh hysterically. No one seems at all disturbed that she thinks only the pudding cups are "safe," though they do roll their eyes at her.

Clearly, there are a slew of other problems with this film, and I went because it was important to a friend of mine to have someone to do such 'girly' things with. But now I feel dirty. And shameful.

Jezebel has a good rant about the horror of the film, as well. Perhaps, though, we ought not give it so much media time and just turn our backs. At least I didn't pay to see it! That's a small consolation, I guess.

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