A mini-zeitgeist predictor

I have a knack for thinking about or being interested in stuff right before it becomes of more popular interest. Example -- babydoll dresses in the early 90s. In spite of terrible sewing skills, I kept searching for patterns for a high waisted short dress, and then a few months later, they were all the rage in the stores. My intellectual interests seem to follow similar patterns, and while I'd like to pretend that I'm a weather vane, or have some amazing predictive skills, I suspect I'm simply susceptible to marketing and priming and perhaps overly-aware of the early signs of new trends. That makes me feel like a vessel for corporate schemes and potential mind control experiments.

Regardless of this seeming unmarketable skill, I thought I'd point out that the Sunday NYT has an article about equal parenting efforts...see two posts ago and my concerns about mother-father responsibilities in raising children. Sigh. It can be so boring to be a know-it-all. If only I were better at predicting my own life. Then I really could take the dinghy out to the middle of the ocean and be done with it, as I proposed to a friend.

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