Not for the faint of heart

I found this in my listservs -- a woman photographically tracks her cervix daily. It's a bit intense. But it is a fascinating use of the interwebs. It's almost like a reclaiming of what internet pornography has started. It seems like it takes the intimacy of the human body and translates it into extreme visibility...or something. Not articulating this well, but it's so amazing and out there, that I had to share it. I'm not sure whether I should call this blog an NSFW (not safe for work) or not...is it lewd to look at photos of a cervix on company computers?

As you can see, I'm revisiting my email/internet research phase with vigor. I get so many emails about variations of things that I'm studying that it can be overwhelming. I'm really backlogged on the digest-forms of my listservs, and I tend to find it daunting to wade back through them. I try to write fieldnotes about the postings I find interesting, but it still can feel like a glut of information.

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