Itemizing my goodbye list to LA

My plans took a bit of an unexpected turn, and I'm leaving LA in a month. Strange. Yet, I feel like the work I've been doing is hitting a wall, and after 7 months there, it's not unreasonable to admit that things have not developed their own momentum. 2 months in Morocco, though difficult, were definitely more productive, and more self-sustaining, than the work in LA. It'll be interesting to see whether fieldwork in SF will be better, if I will be able to gain the traction that I have experienced in the past with various research projects. I can't tell if this is a U.S. phenomenon, or if this is an LA phenomenon, or what it is that feels sticky and undynamic.

Apparently in an act of desperation, LA is planning on recycling sewage water. I have found the water in LA already heavily chlorinated, unpleasant smelling and makes my skin dry and itchy, so I can't even imagine recycled water. Clearly they have to do something, as I see all sorts of water waste all the time in LA, and that can't be good.

As you can see -- my posts of late have been uninspired, for though my life is going great, work has plateaued.

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