It's a little weird that my cousin and I have the same exact initials. He was visiting LA last week and had his tote bag with him that is embroidered with his/our initials. Apparently it was a gift from a former girlfriend. Clearly my parents weren't thinking when they gave me the same three-lettered acronym as my cousin. But for the most part, I don't think people will confuse us. There is, however, a public health researcher, with whom I will indirectly be working very shortly, with the exact same name as me. This is deeply unsettling. She also works on STDs, though she is a certified MD, MPH, which I am not. But still....she does, however, go by an unfortunate (in my very experienced opinion) nickname. She must be at least 5-10 years older than me, but it's weird that we are working in more or less the same field and have the same name. I've yet to inquire about her initials, as it would be freaky if we had the same initials, as well. Perhaps it's just as well that I do not know.

Fieldwork is slow right now. It's partly my fault, as I'm not contacting or calling or writing to anyone. I can't get over the hump of lethargy. Also, because I feel so behind on data organizing, it's hard to motivate to collect more stuff that I will be behind on reviewing. Maybe next week I'll get the work bug? Where is that little pocket academic guru for which I have longed for so long?

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